Hello, this is an overview of our family vacation and we welcome you to join us in our travels in Thailand. I will be adding posts and photos along the way and will try to keep this page updated when I can.

Very Cold Here

I can't wait to go, lots to pack and prepare.

River of Snow & Ice Covered Roads

River of Snow & Ice Covered Roads

Travel Artinerary

Minneapolis to Chicago 5:11pm-6:33pm

Chicago to Seoul S.Korea 1:00am-6:00am

Seoul S.Korea to Bangkok Thailand 6:20pm-10:05pm

Bangkok Thailand to Krabi Thailand 11:00am-1:00pm

Krabi Thailand to KoLanta Thailand by car 2:30-5:00pm

Stay in southwestern Thailand for 3+ weeks

KoLanta Thailand to Trang Thailand by car 12:30-3;00

Trang Thailand to Bangkok Thailand 4:45-6:30

taxi across town to international airport 7:00-8:00

Bangkok Thailand to Seoul Korea 11:30-6:45

Seoul Korea to Chicago 6:00-4:45

Chicago to Minniapolis 9:00-10:45

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Early morning view from room in Thailand

Our first ocean view from bedroom in KoLanta, Thailand

Arthit in front of his shop

This is a picture of Arthit in front of his store in Old Town KoLanta. He is a local merchant and speaks very good English. On the one half of his store he offers computer, printing, taxi, and faxing services with good WIFI, and on the other side of his store is a grocery convenience where the sodas and beers are always cold. Arthit is very generous and always has a smile and kind words to say.

Sea gypsy village just to the north of houses

View of houses from ocean side when tide is out

We are staying in the 3rd house from left

Close up of our house for the month

Bangkok's airport garden

Bangkok's airport garden

Bangkok's airport

Courtyard in the Bangkok int. Airport

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

more life at Ko Rok

the trails from hermit crabs cover the beach.  this was taken in the morning when the crabs are seeking cover from the sun.  they hide in the tree trunks.  Leo was in hermit crab heaven!  the fiddler crabs also were fun to watch as they run away from you.  They are hard to see as they are the same color as the sand.

a new day at Ko Rok

listening to the waves and seeing the sun come up is very calming
our 'rented' home for 2 nights


unbelievably beautiful at sunset

under water again

amazing how many different life forms you see that you didn't know existed.
Nemo was everywhere!

under water

lots and lots and lots of fish
Dacotah was in her element. She couldn't get enough of the water or what it had to offer.  Unfortunately, the sun won.


the reef was so impressive. so much to see.

life on Ko Rok

There are monitor lizards that live on the island.  They leave you alone as they are vegetarians. this one is over 7 feet long

Ko Rok

The beach was amazing. The water so clear you see to the bottom. 
The trees roots weave in and out.

Leo at the tiller

Leo and Tom navigating us on a 30 mile sail to Ko Rork.  

Tom's 3 sons

From left to right, Edward(2), Gabriel(9 mth) and Jerry(3)
They are quite the boys!! Very active and full of life. Finding crabs on the
beach is a daily event.  They always have hugs and kisses for everyone too.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

more snorkeling pics

snorkling on a coral reef

we stopped at another island on our way back from Morakot cave to go snorkeling on a coral reef.

Tom & Dan inside Morakot Cave

I think I'm glowing.

Morakot Cave

after the cave tunnel it opens into a hidden beach protected from the sea on all sides by shear cliff walls extending several hundred vertical feet

Inside Morakot Cave on KoMai

Tom pulled a rope that we held onto as he lead us through the cave.

mouth of a sea cave on KoMai

Morakot Cave entrance as we entered the cave the water all around us glowed with that aqua blue. At first very small and then opening up into larger caverns and then becoming pitch black for a ways until you go around a corner. A ways further and you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Opening up into a hidden beach with a pool of water protected from the sea with limestone walls going vertical for several hundreds of feet.