Hello, this is an overview of our family vacation and we welcome you to join us in our travels in Thailand. I will be adding posts and photos along the way and will try to keep this page updated when I can.

Very Cold Here

I can't wait to go, lots to pack and prepare.

River of Snow & Ice Covered Roads

River of Snow & Ice Covered Roads

Travel Artinerary

Minneapolis to Chicago 5:11pm-6:33pm

Chicago to Seoul S.Korea 1:00am-6:00am

Seoul S.Korea to Bangkok Thailand 6:20pm-10:05pm

Bangkok Thailand to Krabi Thailand 11:00am-1:00pm

Krabi Thailand to KoLanta Thailand by car 2:30-5:00pm

Stay in southwestern Thailand for 3+ weeks

KoLanta Thailand to Trang Thailand by car 12:30-3;00

Trang Thailand to Bangkok Thailand 4:45-6:30

taxi across town to international airport 7:00-8:00

Bangkok Thailand to Seoul Korea 11:30-6:45

Seoul Korea to Chicago 6:00-4:45

Chicago to Minniapolis 9:00-10:45

Saturday, January 23, 2010


This was our first experience as a family. It is quite enjoyable to be out on the water and this trihull is very safe and stable. Lots of sun too!


While on the beach at Otto's, we purchase a rice paper 'balloon' the vendor lights a coil and when the balloon inflates, the kids release it. it goes for a long time and is fun to watch in the sky.

dinner with neighbors

We enjoyed dinner with the neighbors on each side of us. Daniel and Au from France, Mike and Krystal from Frankfurt, Germany and Tom, Kan and kids. Mike made pasta and sauce; one Thai spicy and one regular, and Kan grilled fresh squid and shrimp on the mongolian grill. We also had fresh bananas and pineapple for dessert. It was really nice to sit with them and enjoy the evening.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Otto's Bar and Grill

This is the view from inside the Ottos bar, open to the elements,amazing decor hand made by Otto who I think is more of an artist then a bar owner,all while on the perfect beach. some of the drinks are garnished by the orchids grown in Ottos Gardens. Ill be getting a few pictures of them next month when there in full bloom (incredible under a canopy thousands of plants and hundreds of varieties of jungle canopy orchids) . I'll make sure to post.

Otto's Bar and Grill

Ottos Beach Bar and Grill on the other side of the South West end of the island. Amazing food, service, and drink. Great sunsets on a perfect beach. They have small canopies you can sit under while laying back on reclining beach chairs, while you eat. You can eat your meal and watch the sun go down, the stars come out, and the tide come in, and then they lite the fire.


the monkey is a male and likes Cindy and Dacotah

The Elephants are waiting for us

this one is very pregnant and dosent want to stop eating

Hiking back down the mountain

Tiger Cave

Large room in the cave.

Tiger Cave

Many ladders and bridges help us to navigate through the cave.

Tiger Cave

Leo finds it easy to navigate through the cave while the rest of us struggle.

Mouth of Tiger Cave

The elephants took us half way up the mountain side we hiked the rest of the way about 3/4 mile up a creek to the tiger cave once inside we were lead through about 300 ft of very narrow corridors, some that you had to crawl through, that opened up in to rooms inside the cave some of it was pitch black except for our guides flashlight some of the stalactites that hung from the ceiling could be tapped with your finger to produce a sound each produced its own unique tune

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hiking in the jungle up the rest of the mountain to the tiger cave

a good hike and Leo needed the exercise, the jungle is an amazing place

Elephant ride

Cindy and Dacotah geting a ride on an elephant up the mountain through a rubber plantation and pineapple grove

yummy coconut juice

leo is drinking from a freash coconut just cut from a tree. un like the one we get in the store the inner shel is not hard the meat is very soft and is full to the top with juice.