Hello, this is an overview of our family vacation and we welcome you to join us in our travels in Thailand. I will be adding posts and photos along the way and will try to keep this page updated when I can.

Very Cold Here

I can't wait to go, lots to pack and prepare.

River of Snow & Ice Covered Roads

River of Snow & Ice Covered Roads

Travel Artinerary

Minneapolis to Chicago 5:11pm-6:33pm

Chicago to Seoul S.Korea 1:00am-6:00am

Seoul S.Korea to Bangkok Thailand 6:20pm-10:05pm

Bangkok Thailand to Krabi Thailand 11:00am-1:00pm

Krabi Thailand to KoLanta Thailand by car 2:30-5:00pm

Stay in southwestern Thailand for 3+ weeks

KoLanta Thailand to Trang Thailand by car 12:30-3;00

Trang Thailand to Bangkok Thailand 4:45-6:30

taxi across town to international airport 7:00-8:00

Bangkok Thailand to Seoul Korea 11:30-6:45

Seoul Korea to Chicago 6:00-4:45

Chicago to Minniapolis 9:00-10:45

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


One of our last adventures we set sail for KohMok. A 100 meter cave passage brings you into a hidden beach protected from the ocean. I had been here once before with tom and 3 of his other guests but this is Cindy and the kids first time in the cave. It may have been Jerrys and Edwards first time as well. As we swam in you could see schools of small fish below us. Its pitch black in the center of the cave. It then opens up into this wonderful chasm open to the sky with sheer cliffs vertically scaling upward on all sides.

Leo On The Beach

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rubber Tree Plantations

It's hard work producing rubber.

morning at Koh Rok

Waves coming in across the Indian Ocean at the crack of dawn. Empty Beach as far as I can see.

Cindy & Dan

Yeah and that's Leo in the background, But "Wow" what a sunset.
Bambie's beach west koLanta

more cool sunsets

Leo is standing closer then Cindy in this pic and you can see what a young man he has become.

Say Freeze

Kissing the King Cobra

Or flirting with death, you decide.

Charming a King Cobra

Here he is playing with a King Cobra about 17 ft long. This one was caught just last week, across the road from where we stayed at a small store. The Woman running the store said it slithered right between her legs while she was tending the store. Our kids walk there daily to get treats. No worries tho, coconuts kill far more people then snakes.

Kiss the Snake

This guy in brave.


Milking the Cobra. He got about a 1/2 oz. of venom from this small snake.

And what would a snake show be without a snake charmer.


This is the standard variety of cobra found in Thailand. Still deadly but if bitten you have time to get to the hospital for anti-toxin.

King Cobra

This is the most deadly snake in Thailand. You should freeze and not move if you should ever see one of these. The bite is most certainly deadly, you would have less then 2 minuets to live. no antidote available due to the amount of venom delivered in the bite and the speed of the nerve toxin. And Yeah hes pissed, in the background he is protecting a female and the hiss is much louder than you might expect, more like a growl.

Sawaddee Krup

Hello (respectfully)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tuk Tuk Training

Yes, the monkey is driving and steering the bike. When the instructor tries to get the monkey to stop the monkey refuses and the instructor has to let him do a few more laps.

Feed the Monkeys

Dacotah feeding a mango to a little male Mackak monkey about 1 year old.

monkey school

How cute, at the school the teach the monkeys to spin off coconuts from the tall palms. Many people die every year from falling coconuts, and not all trees are safe to climb, so monkeys are trained to climb and spin the coconuts until they fall. they send a monkey up a tree and in just a couple minuets they will spin off dozens of large ready to fall coconuts.

Monkey on Leos head

This little 1 year old female monkey keeps taking off Leos hat and replacing it with herself.