Hello, this is an overview of our family vacation and we welcome you to join us in our travels in Thailand. I will be adding posts and photos along the way and will try to keep this page updated when I can.

Very Cold Here

I can't wait to go, lots to pack and prepare.

River of Snow & Ice Covered Roads

River of Snow & Ice Covered Roads

Travel Artinerary

Minneapolis to Chicago 5:11pm-6:33pm

Chicago to Seoul S.Korea 1:00am-6:00am

Seoul S.Korea to Bangkok Thailand 6:20pm-10:05pm

Bangkok Thailand to Krabi Thailand 11:00am-1:00pm

Krabi Thailand to KoLanta Thailand by car 2:30-5:00pm

Stay in southwestern Thailand for 3+ weeks

KoLanta Thailand to Trang Thailand by car 12:30-3;00

Trang Thailand to Bangkok Thailand 4:45-6:30

taxi across town to international airport 7:00-8:00

Bangkok Thailand to Seoul Korea 11:30-6:45

Seoul Korea to Chicago 6:00-4:45

Chicago to Minniapolis 9:00-10:45

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Otto's Bar and Grill

This is the view from inside the Ottos bar, open to the elements,amazing decor hand made by Otto who I think is more of an artist then a bar owner,all while on the perfect beach. some of the drinks are garnished by the orchids grown in Ottos Gardens. Ill be getting a few pictures of them next month when there in full bloom (incredible under a canopy thousands of plants and hundreds of varieties of jungle canopy orchids) . I'll make sure to post.

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