Hello, this is an overview of our family vacation and we welcome you to join us in our travels in Thailand. I will be adding posts and photos along the way and will try to keep this page updated when I can.

Very Cold Here

I can't wait to go, lots to pack and prepare.

River of Snow & Ice Covered Roads

River of Snow & Ice Covered Roads

Travel Artinerary

Minneapolis to Chicago 5:11pm-6:33pm

Chicago to Seoul S.Korea 1:00am-6:00am

Seoul S.Korea to Bangkok Thailand 6:20pm-10:05pm

Bangkok Thailand to Krabi Thailand 11:00am-1:00pm

Krabi Thailand to KoLanta Thailand by car 2:30-5:00pm

Stay in southwestern Thailand for 3+ weeks

KoLanta Thailand to Trang Thailand by car 12:30-3;00

Trang Thailand to Bangkok Thailand 4:45-6:30

taxi across town to international airport 7:00-8:00

Bangkok Thailand to Seoul Korea 11:30-6:45

Seoul Korea to Chicago 6:00-4:45

Chicago to Minniapolis 9:00-10:45

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mouth of Tiger Cave

The elephants took us half way up the mountain side we hiked the rest of the way about 3/4 mile up a creek to the tiger cave once inside we were lead through about 300 ft of very narrow corridors, some that you had to crawl through, that opened up in to rooms inside the cave some of it was pitch black except for our guides flashlight some of the stalactites that hung from the ceiling could be tapped with your finger to produce a sound each produced its own unique tune


  1. wow that is so cool. I dont know if I could do the cave thing I'm a little clostaphobic.

  2. Leo has got to be having the time of his life with all these adventures